Sunday, March 23, 2008

Healthy Detachment?

Here is Rama with her new friend, Miriam.
Yesterday, Rama gave Miriam 3 of her most precious mermaid dolls. I just overheard some parts of their conversation.

Miriam: WIll you let me pick which ones?
Rama: Sure
Miriam: Ok. I promise I won't pick Ariel.
Rama: No, it's ok if you pick Ariel.

And in the course of the afternoon, instead of just one doll, Miriam happily went home with 3 new mermaids, including Ariel.

The following day, I tried to talk to Rama about it.

Me: Rama, hiningi ba ni Miriam yung dolls?
Rama: No, I just gave it to her.
Me: Why?
Rama: Because I like making people happy.
Me: Will you miss your mermaids?
Rama: Yes.
Me: What will you do if you miss your mermaids?
Rama: I'll think of nice things. Or masahe. Or just play with something else.
Me: WIll you take it back?
Rama: No. It doesn't really matter.

Childhood Zen.


Anonymous said...

You know my 6 yr old son started doing this too. Giving his matchbox cars and pokemo cards to his "best" friends. I've discussed this with him. It's ok to be generous but you don't have to do it all the time. Surprisingly, he doesn't seem to think about the toy/card when it's gone. I suppose it's a case of "out of sight. Out of mind."

P said...

On one hand, I can think of it as healthy behaviour. On the other hand, it could be a warning sign that she's *too* eager to please her peers. But all in all, I think there's no harm in letting them edit their playthings.

katrina said...

Confirmed. St. Rama! ;-)

I agree, as long as she doesn't do it to win friends, then it just shows how generous and unmaterialistic she is. Though...maybe there are certain things she shouldn't let go off? Like, wouldn't you feel bad if you worked hard to give her something because you wanted her to have it, only for her to give it away? I mean, maybe she should learn also about treasuring things that people gave her, even if it's just for sentimental reasons. But then, knowing Rama, she knows that already. :-)

P said...

There actually is something that she won't give away! It's this christmas ornament, that looks like a crystal that princesses wear. It's ruby red and really pretty. Her classmates loved it, but her solution was to buy for them. But when we went to the store, of course, all the ornaments were gone. So she said she'll just get it for them next year! All her treasures are in a "special box."

bexieville said...

She's so generous. Sometimes us adults pa yung nagwoworry when kids get to be a little bit too generous. But I noticed kids just have this pure heart that they really mean what they do. Sweet kid, your Rama.

ChichaJo said...

Aw! She is such a sweetie! What a beautiful person you brought into this world P :)

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