Friday, March 14, 2008

Not Normal

Ate Mercy: 'Day, hindi ba talaga umiiyak si Rama?
Me: Hindi. Madalang na madalang.
Ate Mercy: Kahit nung maliit pa siya?
Me: Oo. Kahit madapa siya, tatayo, pagpag lang, walang iyak.
Ate Mercy: Paiyakin mo naman, kahit minsan. Para tumibay ang puso. Kahit itanong mo sa doktor, kailangan umiyak ang bata. Hindi normal, eh.


The Knittymommy said...

This is so funny Poch! I can even imagine how she said it.

katrina said...

Such twisted logic some people come up with! If you hadn't already said she was the sweetest woman, I would've been worried.

The funny thing is that the truth is the exact opposite! Kaya nga siya hindi iyakin, kasi matibay ang puso niya. Rama's amazing -- a kid who almost never cries, even when hurt? Baka santa na 'yang anak mo, ha?! ;-)

P said...

Hi, Knitty! I'll really try to take her pic, so that we have a face to our Ate Mercy-isms.

I know, I know, I just have to humor her. Rama does cry, but very rarely. When she does, it's quiet weeping, not ngawa. It really takes a lot to make her cry. And hardly when she's physically hurt. Also, she doesn't hurt herself that often. Nonetheless, she IS a saint to me. :-)

christine said...

Sino ba nagsabing normal lang si Rama? She's in her own league, a super special little lady! :)