Saturday, March 15, 2008

Booze and Cigs

Just today, I learned about these exchanges between Rama and her Tita Krung Krung. They have a special bond - they share a love for funky handbags, movies and other vices. 

One night in Manila, they were watching a DVD. Tita KK had to take a smoking break. Rama tagged along. After a few puffs, Tita KK put the cigarette out. She assumed Rama wanted to go back to her movie right away. 

Rama: Bakit mo pinatay na?
Tita Krung Krung: Tapos na ako. 
Rama: Sayang naman. Dami pa nu'n. Bakit ka nagmamadali? Andito naman ako. Sasamahan kita. Sindihan mo na ulit. 

Another time, Rama kept looking at Tita KK's full glass of vodka. 
Rama: Inumin mo na yan.  
Tita Krung Krung: Bakit?
Rama: Kasi matutunaw na yung yelo, mawawalan na ng lasa yung vodka mo, magtitimpla ka pa uli. 

Rama was around 4 years old. 


katrina said...

A girl after my own heart!!! ;-D

P said...

Haha! Katu, I swear, I was laughing so hard hearing Charo (Tita Krung Krung) recount the conversations. Little did I know. :-)