Saturday, March 22, 2008

Prudie Ever

Rama and I had some company today. She made friends with Miriam, 6 years old, a while back and we've had pizza parties at their place. Today, we were all going on an Easter-themed outing. But before that, we had Miriam and her dad over for lunch at our place.

In the middle of the lunch, Rama stood up and picked up a framed baby picture of hers. It was on display in the dining area; our guests had their backs to it. She calmly stood up, walked around the table, picked up the frame, and brought it into the bedroom. Miriam followed her. Rama simply told her, "I just want to hide something." No big fuss. She went back to the table, and gave me a look that asked, "Was that ok?" I let it go, reassured her everything was ok, and we all just went back to enjoying our lunch.

Later that day, when I had her to myself, I had to ask her.

Me: Rama, bakit mo tinago yung picture mo kanina?
Rama: Kasi nahihiya ako.
Me: Bakit?
Rama: Kasi I'm naked.

This picture will now live in the bedroom. I should get new photos printed.


shred-jitsu said...

hahahahahaha! thats so funny!!

happy easter to you and rama. btw, pepper and i are moving out of the condo na. as you may have heard, shes pregnant :) 6 months na so shes having a hard time cleaning and stuff. also, we're having a baby girl :) hopefully maging parang si rama. we keep on telling the baby in the womb "you will be like ate rama!" hehehehe.

hopefully we get to skype soon. i hope she still remembers us.

you guys take care!

katrina said...

Is that a real black chandelier, or a stencil on the wall? I've always wanted an all-black chandelier. Though, if it is just printed, that's a novel idea, too!

P said...

Hi, Shred! Exciting times for you guys. And I'm sure the baby will have beauty and grace all her own. Yes, she still remembers you guys and looks forward to seeing you and her brand new cuz soon.

Katu, the chandelier is stick-on wall art - decor for the commitment-phobic! It's the closest I can get to boldness and drama in the bedroom, without an actual chandelier taking up the whole space. It's such fun to stick on! Rama has Keith Haring figures on her walls. All sourced from :-)

katrina said...

SUCH a coincidence -- today I was going around Greenbelt 5 and saw a store (Cesar Gaupo, I think) with the same black chandelier wall art! They also had a curtain with a white chandelier print on black naman. What a great idea, especially for those who want to spice up their walls but, like me, don't have the patience to paint it themselves.

P said...

Yes, I love these wall decals. Stickers for grown-ups! Me too, I know I should be unfazed by a can of paint - but THIS is so much more fun.