Friday, February 22, 2008

What Did You Learn In School Today, Rama?

Couple of things, apparently. From Rama:

One, a baby swan is called a signet. 

Two, if you see something yucky, like a kid holding worms in his hands, don't say ewww. Say, Interrrressssting


Nina Lumberio said...

that's interesting :)

bexieville said...

interesting =) when we lack of anything to say and he/she requires an answer, interesting is the new Cool. hehe

P said...

i know what you mean, bexie. i do it to be politically correct. kakatawa lang coz it's taught in the classroom. her teacher, btw, is brit. does that mean anything?

Hi nina. truly interesssting.

Stella P. said...

Heyya - chanced on your blog some weeks back and haven't stopped checking on it since. I think you and your girl will soon have a cult following :-) Now i have a new habit. Whenever I need a break from all the worksheets and the concept papers I need to churn for my clients, I take a sneak peek into your sight and read what's new with Rama.