Sunday, May 4, 2008

6th Birthday

The highlight of Rama's birthday party was a special guest, Princess Jasmine. The girls were simply in awe.
Jasmine had games and gifts for all the little princesses. They played Hot Potato and Jasmine Says. She also put magic make-up and nail polish on everyone. But Rama, of course, as the birthday girl, got ultra-special treatment. Which made Rama just melt, I imagine.
We invited 6 friends - I like the rule-of-thumb that whatever the child's age, that's just how many kids she gets to have over.
Her lola from Manila texted, asking about the party. I said that Jasmine was a hit. She texted back, buti naman, coz Rama might be missing her Jasmine doll which we left in Manila. I had to text back, Totoong Jasmine. So here's the proof.


nina said...

Happy Birthday, Rama!

cherry said...

happy birthday Rama!

The Knittymommy said...

Happy Birthday Rama!

katrina said...

Give Rama a hug for me!

Random Possum said...

Happy Birthday Rams!!!

R said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMA! Poch I originally stumbled across your endearing blog just over a year ago when a friend in Hong Kong wanted me to check out something on Socky's tennis & conversation blog. I was still living in my beloved home of Sydney at the time and I was instantly hooked on Rama's wisdom, her sense of humour and especially her huge heart! Then in July 07 I did the young antipodean artist thing and made headway for the creative mecca of London! I needed some cheering up tonight and while I surfed the web I remembered your blog! Rama's spirit has lifted my spirits once again! (Made me a bit homesick though - reminding me of how my mum & I are when we're hanging out in Sydney...and even conjuring up memories of holidays spent in the Philippines, the homeland of my parents)
Keep up the great parenting work Poch! Hope to be like you one day...

P said...

Hey, Nina! Thanks for the greet.

Tita Cherry! Great to hear from you.

Knitty, thanks. Wondering how your trip to TO went.

Hey, Kat. Really looking forward to seeing you again in Dec.

Hello, Random. Sunny days are here in our neck of the woods, eh!

Hey, R. You are too sweet. Glad to hear that we can be a bright spot in someone's day. I share some of your senti, being away from loved ones, too. But we do what we do. And London is a great place to be. (Loved Sydney, too, though). Cheers to you! It would be great to see (?) your art someday.