Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday Brunch

Our Saturday kicked off with a meal at Easy Restaurant in Parkdale. Rama had the Toast Soldiers. She polished off both eggs - she had so much fun dunking the pieces of toast ("Stripes," she calls them) into the soft-boiled-egg-in-shell.

Toast Soldiers, I think, were supposed to be either the strips of bread, or the eggs standing at attention. (That would make them stout soldiers, no?)

But the way Rama explained it to another adult later in the day was a bit different:

"It's called Toast Soldiers because the bread flies and then crashes into the egg."

She also noticed the soldiers in the movie poster over our table: The Bridge Over River Kwai. "More soldiers!"


r said...

HAHA! That one was laugh-out-loud for me! Rama is too funny! She's got such a creative imagination.

Toast soldiers traditionally refers to the strips of toast. But in OZ, every Aussie kid grew up with toast soldiers as being strips of toast with butter & vegemite to dunk into the soft boiled eggs. The operative word here being VEGEMITE! It was the best breakfast ritual!
Although, being an Aussie kid with Filipino parentage, I had quite multicultural breakfast rituals - eg. Aussie style toast soldiers, then champorado to boot! It's like our family Christmas feasts in Sydney - my male cousins and uncles/titos prepare the Aussie style shrimp on the BBQ (God I miss Australian seafood! UK just does not compare), paired with things like brasso de Mercedes for dessert!

(Excuse the lengthy post - as you can see, I'm craving for a Sydney feed! I can so relate whenever I read your posts about Rama missing the Philipines)

P said...

Rave on, R! Thanks for that lowdown on toast soldiers. I did mean to look it up. And I don't quite get vegemite; I guess it's an acquired taste. It must have been great growing up on such diverse fare - and I can so sympathize with the cravings for home. :-)

Anonymous said...
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