Saturday, May 17, 2008


Rama and I were window-cleaning this morning. Just getting a few chores done before breakfast. She does the bottom part. She wanted to spray-and-wipe a section that I didn't think needed any cleaning.

Me: Rama, 'wag na yan. Hindi naman kita from inside.
Rama, after some pause: Ya, pero kita naman from outside. People will see that it's dirty and might think that we're not taking care of our house.

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Tesa Celdran said...

Ha! Yes, I take FULL responsibility for Rama's kaartehan.

I'm so sorry for missing out on a birthday greeting. Please send her my utmost love and affection.

I owe her a whole bunch of gifts. Just tell her we'll shop together when she comes for a visit.

Missing you both terribly!