Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Friday today. Both Rama and I played hooky and took on a spring project.

Quite the little helper.



r said...

Yay! New stories! I was beginning to wonder how mother and daughter were faring... the suspense was almost killing me (jokes). Belated happy mother's day Poch! Rama really is growing up fast... gosh I sound like I actually know you both haha, but I guess ever since we found your blog (couple friends and my mum and I), it's as if we're watching her grow up.
In response to your last post - yes I'd love to share the art/design love and flattered that you're interested... now how can I go about giving you my email add in a not so public space?

P said...

Hi, R! Thanks for the greeting. And I can totally understand the connection. You can email me at :-)