Friday, May 16, 2008


Rama: What are you cooking?
Me: Bruschetta.
Rama: What's that?
Me: Remember, kumain tayo sa restaurant, nagustuhan mo yung bread tapos meron sa ibabaw na tomatoes and herbs and stuff?
Rama: Sounds like a bad word. Like something you say when mad. Brrruschettaaaaa!

Makes an angry face, scowls, and says again, Bruschetttaaa!!!


Nina Lumberio said...

oo nga naman di ba?

Katrina said...

Hahaha, OMG, she's so right! What a way with words Rama has.

P said...

Hi, Nina! Nganaman nga.

Hi, Katrina. Got me thinking, how did Leche get to be an expression of annoyance/disgust/anger? My grandmother used to say Lechugas a lot, too, when upset.

katrina said...

I don't know how true, but a friend explained to me that the expression "leche" came from "de mal leche," implying that you're a bad person because your mother gave you bad milk (breastmilk). Makes sense, if that's the case. :-)

As for your grandmother's "lechugas," maybe it was her way of avoiding the supposedly bad word, "leche"...the way some people say "sheesh" instead of "sh_t."