Sunday, November 25, 2007

Language Getting Colorful

I don't remember exactly what I was pointing out to her on one of our walks. It might have been racoon tracks or something. But I sure remember her response to something that was unexpected.

She actually said, "What the...?"
She didn't complete it, of course. I tried to control my reaction. I simply asked, "What does that mean?"
She explained, "It means you're gulat."


bexieville said...

hahaha, shes getting good with her english na ah =P I would love to meet Rama in person someday. Super katuwa siya, Poch =D

P said...

Hi, Bexie. Learning fast, yes. With a twang, to boot! Have to remind myself to keep talking to her in Tagalog - that's important, too. You'll know when we head to Manila sometime. Cheers!

bexieville said...

ayy oo, sana she wont forget her tagalog, kasi a lot of Filipinos living abroads parang mga di na marunong mag tagalog and thats a shame. =)