Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Round-up

It was an easy, but fairly full, Saturday. It was cold, but there was no way that she was NOT wearing that tiara.

We started off at the Village Playhouse for a show about an ant and his friend the snail. After that was a hearty lunch at Dr. G, just across the theatre. Then we went downtown to shop a bit. Turns out, there was a performance at the park! It was the day that the lights in the park were to be lit for the holidays; before the countdown, there was to be a circus act. By the Aerial Angels. They were a fun act - fire eating, aerial silk acrobatics and contortions. ("When we succeed with a trick, it's acrobatic splendor. When we fail, it's comedy.") Of course, later that day, Rama and I would manage to copy some of the tricks, with some easy flips and tumbles.
She held our spot on the rock while I lined up for hot chocolate.

The hot choco (with melting marshmallows!) was a perfect foil to the chilly weather. Brrr!


joey said...

Love these photos and the way she insists on her tiara! :)

Parang she grew up a bit na! Aw! :)

bexieville said...

awww she looks so adorable and so grown up na. =)

P said...

Hi, Joey! She's growing really fast. The tiara... I don't know how long we can keep it up, with the cold and all. There is a suggestion to sew a tiara or some bling on a toque - just might do that.

Hey, Bexie. Thanks! She's the tallest girl in class now.

christine said...

I've finally caught up on the posts and it's so nice to see that Rama still thinks of herself as the princess that she is! :)

P said...

Hey, Nena! Today she was a snow princess. Tiara on toque!

Leica said...

Work na work na yung tiara even if it's freezing outside.

Princess to the max :-)

P said...

Hi, Leica! It's really funny. We really can't leave the house without the tiara. This morning, though, it broke as she was trying to stretch it over her head - with the hood on. So today, no tiara. She wasn't sad for long - say niya, I can use my scarf! So instead of tiara, turban! We did that last Sunday when we forgot the tiara.