Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Round-up

So last Saturday night, Rama and I joined Toronto's culturati at the ballet. (We got choice seats; I entered a haiku-writing contest and won the tickets). Anastasia sustained her attention for two whole hours. And she applauded with gusto at the appropriate times. Of course there were men in tights. White tights, no less. But for some reason, the male leads wore normal pants. Rama noticed: "I can't see the guy's bum-bum."

On another note, Rama was tripping on this Sunday afternoon. (I work in advertising, and I was enjoying this look into the ad world. I happened to open it when she was nearby. She came over, caught most of it and asked to see this over and over). In the evening, she was reciting dialog from the sketch. "Free show! Free show!"

One thing I learned about her today is that she can scroll to HISTORY and click on the link she wants by herself.

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