Thursday, November 1, 2007


So we went trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Career ang halloween decor - one house was Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. (I'm sure they were from the advertising industry somehow.) I learned that last year, their concept was Hitchcock's Birds. Glad I missed that. Here's Willy with Captain Jack Sparrow. We realized we were both characters played by Johnny Depp!

And here's one view of the Wonka lawn.

Rama was in her usual princess garb. Dressing up for Halloween didn't seem like too big a deal for us - she wears her tiara everyday and dons her princess gowns to the park on a regular Saturday afternoon. So I wonder what I will do to make it more special for her.

When her bag was half-full with candy, she started casting worried glances at me. After a few more houses, she said to me, "Ayaw ko na." I didn't understand it! "Pagod ka na?" She shakes her head. "Baka I might get a stomachache sa dami ng candy."

I just explained that we don't have to eat everything at once. And we would share most of it with others.

Later that evening, we spread all the candy on the living room floor. We asked the other kids and adults what their faves were and we gave them their faves from our pile. One dad, we heard, liked Wonderbar - we left a lot in his shoes, as a surprise. Another kid got all our Cadbury Caramilk. Rama kept all the Reeses for me. And then she asks me, "Are you happy?"


The Knittymommy said...

Happy Halloween Poch and Rama! I need to get my pictures downloaded na!

P said...

Boo to you, Knittymommy!!!!

shred-jitsu said...

thanks for the pics!!

btw, i finally was able to go to la loma cemetery last nov 3 to visit your mom. ive been wanting to do that before pa. im glad i was able to do it this year. traffic was horrible tho, its a good thing si rey yung nag drive sa amin, hehehe.

take care and we miss you so much.

P said...

Hey, Shred! Wow, yes, La Loma is far and a pain to get to. Take care!

christine said...

Aww she's so sweet!! BTW, I LOVE those Cadbury caramilks! Had my fill in London, grabe. Poch, I love your pirate costume. I can wear that shirt on a regular day! :)

P said...

Hi, Nena! Thanks! It was either pirate or cop - it was cold, so pirate won out. No caramilk in Manila?