Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Night at the Museum

Friday Nights at the Royal Ontario Museum are fun and kid-friendly. Kids are toured around by the resident flutist/piper. Rama would later tell family that she saw "Bears. Dead. But sitting. Crocodile. Dead. Dinosaur. Also dead." She also was fascinated by the mummy (who died of a toothache).

After the tour, we had time for a bite. Making our way to the cafeteria, Rama asks, "Is there salad there?" Yes. "Tofu?" Not sure. She just wanted me to be happy.

After the meal, we took in a show. The blurb on the brochure said it was a band, but it was actually just one singer/songwriter, Lynn Miles, who played the guitar, harmonica, and piano. One of her spiels went, "This next song is about love and alcohol. Not a good combination."

Rama, not too softly: "I know this song!"

That seemed to amuse some people around us.


bexieville said...

wow how did she know this song?

P said...

the opening strains may have just reminded her of other more familiar songs. i'm sure i don't have a CD of this artist. Unless she heard it elsewhere... thanks for visiting, bexie!

joey said...

Hay :) She is such a cutie talaga! And so sweet too asking about the tofu and such :)

Take care!

P said...

Hi, Joey! She really is a sweetie.