Friday, November 23, 2007

Helping Out

We had dinner at the house of Rama's Papi. Post-dinner, Rama and I were just playing. After a while, I said, "Wait, I have to help your Papi clean up." She agreed, "Ok, we'll help." So we made our way to the kitchen. At that point, her dad piped in, "Rama, I just need you to finish the milk."

Rama to me: "Di ba, you wanted to help Papi? Drink my milk."


Nina Lumberio said...

Rama never fails to amuse me! Nakaktuwa naman siya.

bexieville said...

hahahahaha. she's so adorable. Hirap ba maging mom to Rama? hehehe kasi i sure wont know how to react to that =D

P said...

Hi, Nina. Yes, she is an amusing little one. Thanks for dropping by.

He, Bexie! Hirap, oo. On your toes ka palagi. Whether the conversation is serious or light, she can pick up and dish it out fast.