Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Round-up

We are on our way to my office for the annual kids' party. Here, we are just outside our building waiting for our ride. It's going to be great: Santa will be there!
When we get there, the escalator to the venue is not working. It wasn't broken,just an energy-conservation thing. Rama: I wish Santa will give them batteries so the escalator can work.

She made friends with Emily.

When the party broke up at around 2 pm, Emily bugged her mom, I want to go to Rama's house. So they went home for a while, got their bathing suits and came to our place. The girls had fun, whether it was with Rama's castle or at the pool. Rama was a most gracious host: Emily went home with her own crown and some candy. I was grateful for this spur-of-the-moment playdate - Rama had been asking me why no one ever visited us.

After Emily had gone home, we opened the gift that Rama got from the office christmas party. (I didn't think of waiting until Christmas for opening of gifts - we don't have a tree yet where gifts could sit and wait.) It was this Dancerella Set - instructional DVD, headset-microphone, and a numbered mat for practicing dance moves. The blurb: "Learn to move like your favorite popstar! ... Bella's 45-minute video and dance mat will teach you how easy it is to become a show-stopping superstar with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Join Bella and friends as they show you all the hottest moves to wow audiences - big and small."

When it comes to dancing and rhythm, Rama took after me. We both suck. We WILL dance. With great energy and enthusiasm. But it's not pretty to look at. And we can't catch up with instructional videos. Five minutes into the video, she turns to me: Mommy, I can't handle it.


shred-jitsu said...

hi ate poch. this reminds me of the dvd set pepper bought, hip hop abs. its an instructional dvd that mixes dance and aerobics. we both suck at it also :)

so, what does rama want for xmas? is she still into highschool musical? whats she into now?

btw, thanks for the pics. shes growing so fast!!

miss you both!

P said...

Hi there! These instructional videos, with their fit and perky instructors, make the rest of us normal people look so bad and inept and awkward. I will keep it away from Rama before she develops issues.
Xmas wish? They had an activity in school where they actually wrote up a list for Santa. At the top of the list was this toy that she saw in a store. Plastic eggs in a carton that can "crack." The chicks can make sounds, etc. I think it's too kiddie, but she remembered it days after we saw it, it was really top of mind for her. I managed to go back to the store for that one. Funny, her christmas list included "Salad." For her mom daw. HS musical? Not so much. She mentioned that she forgot to write on her list the DVD of 12 Dancing Princesses. So it's mostly Barbie, still. Enjoy the holidays.

cherry said...

awww rama you are not alone!!! love yah!

The Knittymommy said...

My daughter has the same video and set. Minana niya from a friend who moved away. "Get on up and dance..."

Kaya tuloy nag-pop star siya for Halloween this year.

Good luck with that!

P said...

Hi, Cherry. Thanks for the sympathy.

Hey, Knitty. At some point, this pop star thingy ceases to be fun. The headset is pretty cool. But for people without rhythm, like myself, the video is so intimidating. The mat is ok, we're playing our version of Twister with it.

joice said...

she gave her tiara away?

P said...

Hi. Joice! She always has a spare crown. To share. :-) Thanks for visiting.

Tesa Celdran said...

When I wished upon her all the girly things, I forgot about rhythm. Sorry!

P said...

Hi, Tesang. Yup, forgot about that.