Friday, January 9, 2009

Crying Ladies II

On the early morning flight from Manila to Toronto (via HK). Deja vu!

Rama, teary-eyed: I miss Honey (the lola).
Me: Ayan, naiiyak na rin ako.
Rama: Crying Ladies tayo?

Crying Ladies happened to be one movie on heavy rotation on our DVD player during our short-but-oh-so-sweet trip to Manila.

And the tragi-comedy continues: I hand her a tissue. Which I pulled from my jacket pocket. Which was soaked in White Flower.


I talk her through it and manage to curb a panic attack. (The trick was to let the tears flow. Washing with water will only make it worse.) We were both reminded of a scene in Crying Ladies where they used Vicks to bring on the tears. Except Hilda Coronel put way too much Vicks and ended up crying for real.


The Flip Side. . .Or Maybe Not said...

Poor Rama. I hope she had a great time in Manila.

P said...

Hi, Flip. It's 3am, we're jetlagging, and Rama talks about nothing but how she misses Pilipinas and everyone there. I just have to be extra tender and loving these days, I guess.

"R..." Coloma said...

You guys are back from your trip already?! My how time flies doesn't it... I flew back to London (left Sydney Jan 5, arrived in London Jan 6) via HK again too... and I was sobbing at the airport too... deja vu indeed!

Hope you're both coping ok. I'm struggling, but trying very hard.

P said...

Hi, R! Yes, it went by in a blink. Such a tease, these trips.

We are ok. Jetlagging, but OK. Rama missed her toys, here, too. So she's reconnecting with *those*.

Hope your vacay went well?