Thursday, January 29, 2009


Breakfast this morning, waffles.

Me: C'mon, Rama! Let's have waffles.
Rama: Why do you say wah-fols? Tagalog people say it like that, wah-fol. I'm from the Phiilippines, but I can still say waffle... Or even, Niagara. Honey says Naya-gara. She can't say it like Niagara. She should just say 'water falls.' It's the same thing.


The Flip Side. . .Or Maybe Not said...

The little one's got some attitude! I like it!

P said...

i think it's too much sometimes. she has a smart-alecky taray streak. dilemna whether to curb it a bit or give her full rein. i don't want to suppress the attitude, but i don't want her being a know-it-all either.

Katrina said...

Yeah, I see the taray streak! But, since her personality is, at heart, considerate, I trust she won't use it to hurt anyone. :-)

Maybe you could just tell her that diff. people have diff. accents and not to make fun of them? Pinoys kasi have this complex about pronouncing English properly, but find other nationalities' accents charming. Why should the French or American accent be better than ours, 'di ba?

P said...

We love the Pinoy accent! Over the weekend, we couldn't get enough of Happy Slip and Bubble Gang sketches of Yaya and Angelina. All in good fun. And you're right, Katrina - she can't judge - the people whom she loves most talk funny this way. Hehe.

Oh, and my Pinoy accent has been mistaken for French. O diba! OUrs is an intriguing, kinda-hard-to-place accent - and as charming as any other non-North American accent.