Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Heart Boracay

The kids spend hours on end in the sand. Sand, then swim, then back to the sand.

On a tip from a dear friend B, we went "helmet diving." Rama went down twice during our trip. At first she was scared (who wouldn't be?). But got the hang of it. Eventually, she was strolling around underwater on her own. 20 feet under for 20 minutes. Amazing.

We got her a shell necklace, as a souvenir. (The necklace is one of her most prized possessions today - she wears it under layers of winter clothes.) She asked to buy another one: pasalubong for Britney. We hope to see Britney on Saturday to give it to her.

One jetlagged night, she said that the next time we visit Pilipinas, we should "go straight to Boracay."


Jen said...

Wow, that looks like a super fun experience! Where in Boracay do you go to do that? All we've ever encountered are the usual offers for banana boat, parasailing etc. but I've never heard of this one before. Galing! It's our must-do on the next visit. We'd love to know where exactly to go for this (we heart Boracay too, yearly visitors!). By the way, mahal ba? :D Was the photo courtesy of them too?

P said...

hi, jen! Helmet dives are pretty new, i think. First time ko rin nakita this visit. I was happy with Napoleon water sports, more than the first one we went to. their helmets seemed lighter, they lent us water shoes, and the diver/guide had an underwater cam. You just pay for the film later. Cost on the "menu" says 3500. But our friends managed to haggle it down to 700. Another friend said that during lean season, it can actually go down to 600. Enjoy!

Jen said...

Thanks Poch!!! Sayang, we were there last Halloween but didn't see this. Is Napoleon near Station 1? I'm assuming that was
P700/head right? I'm showing your photo to my girls now and they think it's cool. :D

P said...

Yes, all the h20 sports stations we went to were in station 1. Good for the girls to see this, so they know what to expect and they can see that even kids can do it. Medyo scary kasi, right? enjoy!

Jen said...

Exactly. Seeing this (you both look happy and not scared) gives a big boost to their confidence -- especially for my 7-year-old. Ate's is a swimmer and more adventurous. :D

Thanks for this great lead!