Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rama's Christmas Wish 2009

Rama is already thinking of Christmas 2009. She wrote a note to Santa.

Dear Santa Clos.
I wood like a real majik wond.
From Rama

Me: Ano naman ang mama-gikin mo with your wand?
Rama: What would YOU like to have?
Me: Hmm. Nothing really. I have everything I need.
Rama: I didn't say need. I said LIKE. Ok, what's your favorite thing?
Me: Our books!
Rama: You want more books? Like books that we still don't have here in our house?
Me: You're funny.
Rama: What about a spy-er? Like you ask it, what's happening in the whole world, and it will show you?


Watergirl said...

I would definitely ask for more books, and bookshelves!!!

P said...

if i went with my impulses, our flat would become a library. :-)