Monday, January 7, 2008


Rama goading Adult to join us at the jacuzzi.

Rama: It's nice in the jacuzzi, c'mon!
Adult: I'm so busog.
Rama: If you go into the jacuzzi, you'll forget you're busog!


Rama: ... After the jacuzzi, we can go into the cold pool.
Adult: Oh, but it's gonna be freezing cold. I might get sick (or something to that effect)
Rama: You can go into the hot and then cold...
Adult: So, I don't have to worry?
Rama: You can worry if you want to.


wysgal said...

You can worry if you want to ... haha, that's funny.

P said...

Thought so, too. :-)

cherry said...

rama, it seems to me that you have a program... :-) nice advice rama. :-)

P said...

Hi, Cherry! Yup, somehow, she's on it. :-)

bexieville said...

i just noticed your avatar. its Rama! so cute!
You can worry if you want to... -- Hahahaha! u can probably write a book full of Rama quotes and it'll be a best seller hit!