Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rama Recognizes

Rama seems to have a talent for placing faces. We were watching Hairspray. Soon after seeing Link in the movie, she says to me, "That gwapo guy is Troy." I checked the credits and true enough, it's Zac Efron.

Here's another one. Watching Ella Enchanted, she notices that the evil Uncle Edgar is actually Wesley, the farmboy from Princess Bride. I asked her how she knew that, she just said, "The eyes."

She also correctly identified Maggie Smith in The Secret Garden as "the teacher of Harry Potter." Within the actor's first 10 seconds onscreen. It was a dark scene, too.

It always amazes me how she does this. She also asked why "Peter Pan was bakla" when she saw Robin Williams in Birdcage.

Perhaps the most incredible sighting she had was not really a sighting. The first time I popped Charlie's Angels into the DVD player for her, she recognized Cameron Diaz - as the voice of Princess Fiona. She was 4 years old then.


Nice said...

Nice talent, Rama!

P said...

Nice of you, Nice!

Jing said...

hehehe..galing ni Rama..ako di ko na-recognize's nice to read about Rama again. Tagal ko di naka-visit dito eh. Godbless!

ragamuffin girl said...

what an observant kid!:)

P said...

Hey, Jing! Ako din, hindi ko napansin. Ewan ko ba anong meron siya!

Observant, yes! :-)