Sunday, January 20, 2008


Part of morning cuddles is recapping dreams from the night before.

Rama: I had a nightmare.

She proceeds to tell me about her witches and monsters and running away.

Me: I dreamt of shelves.
Rama: Kasi you're always computering.
Me: What?
Rama: You're always looking at shelves in the computer.

This was laugh-out-loud funny for me. I didn't realize that she notices the sites that I frequent. Amazing, too, how she made the connection between one's dreams and the stuff that we're into when awake.


Nice said...

I used to have dreams when I was still a child, now I seldom have one in a week. Gosh! What's the meaning of this?

P said...

When you need to remember them, they will stick. Me, unless I'm grappling with a real issue, dreams are mostly for entertainment. Prolly means that you're just fine fine fine. :-)

New Breed said...
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New Breed said...

my worst nightmares, which i do get almost every week, are dreams about me going back to school. the classmates part is fun, but the whole "you need to study for a test" is the one that freaks me out! some of them are about me not really graduating yet and have to go back to college to finish some subjects. i can take monsters and mobs in my dreams, but physics?? they give me problems that freak me out!

on a different note, as usual, we miss you guys. grabe, ang laki na ni rama. pepper and i find it weird coz its still fresh in our minds when she was still small enough to be carried through the malls and stuff. we miss her dearly and hope she still remembers us!

btw, i was the one who removed the comment earlier. i made such a huge grammatical error in my previous post, hehehehe.

P said...

hey, new breed. we miss you guys terribly, too. Yup, she's growing fast. Have to remind myself that she's just 5. Cheers! Sleep well.