Thursday, January 17, 2008

From Where All Good Things Come

One of the things I got Rama over the holidays was a cape with a hood. A fur-lined hood. In pink. It's fab and all. But that's not the point.

I bought this cape online. It got delivered to our building. When you have a parcel that won't fit in the mailbox, concierge slips you a note telling you to pick up your package at the lobby desk. So Rama and I got home one evening. I saw the note and asked the guard to bring out our package. So he handed it to us, and Rama and I went up to our flat and opened it. She loved it, of course.

She's been wearing it and getting all sorts of compliments for it. I overheard this.

Adult: That's a beautiful cape, Rama!
Rama: Thank you.
Adult: Was that a gift?
Rama: Yes.
Adult: Oh, lovely! From whom?
Rama: The guard.


Nina Lumberio said...

Go Rama!!!

bexieville said...

ayy hahahahaha, thats funny. she looks like belle in beauty and the beast (when they went out to feed birds singing Something there.) The hood looks something like that dba? cutie!

Scarlett said...

...just passing by :-)

Had fun browsing thru your previous posts.

Rama's a darling. Such a cute and witty girl.


Leica said...

The cape is so cute, very befitting a princess :-)

P said...

Hi, Nina! Yes, go, go, go!

Bexie, she likes Belle, too. And she knows that outfit is similar.

Thanks for dropping a note, scarlett. See ya 'round.

Leica! Hello, hello! :-)

joice said...

wohoo rama!

christine said...

Hahahahahhahaha! Ang bait naman ng guard niyo! :)

Anonymous said...

Hay naku, I miss Rama talaga..... she looks like a princess - yung sa Beauty & the Beast w/ a cape di ba? Parang naiwan na sobra si Nica sa height ah....I had fun browsing your old e-mails now lang ako nagka time eh... medyo busy.