Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What is it with you and toilets?

Rama has a thing with toilets. Any new place we go into, within the first five minutes, she will ask to go to the bathroom. Once there, she doesn't just do her business - she checks it out. Whether the toilet seat bangs down (the one at home doesn't - neat feature makes it slow down upon descent!), whether there is an exhaust fan, how strong the water pressure in the sink is, the walls (in TOSH, she noted that they had bricks, just like a wall at home). And she is always generous with her comments - laki ng CR, ganda, ay liit, ganda ng light, etc etc.
In another banyo, she was told, bubuhusan na natin ang banyo (coz walang flush). Rama corrects the adult - Hindi banyo, toilet yan, dapat sinabi mo, toilet...

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karabau said...

Bwahahaha! Completely adorable! You should set up a play date with Greg's kid. I think they'd get along.

Oh, and smart Rama. Always judge a place by their bathrooms. I too like checking out bathrooms. Lighting, tiles, kung ilang ply yung toilet paper :).