Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rama As Foodie (and Wino)

THAT is a Veuve Clicquot. In December '05, we chanced upon Westin KL's Sunday brunch (fabulous- queue at the buffet ONLY for starters; for the main dishes, the chefs bring them to your table and serve you! I can still taste the shrimp tortellini...) Anyhoo, this was Rama's first taste of champagne. Sarap daw. What a lush.
Here's another amazing thing about Rama- her food preferences go beyond kiddie spaghetti. Of course she likes the usual things, like chicharon or balat ng Chickenjoy. But! Just a random list of stuff she likes - with a passion:
1. Brocolli.
2. Capers. (She picks capers from dishes, like when she sees them on pizza. Or, once, we were having dinner at a friend's, she just wandered into the kitchen. As the pasta was just being plated, she plucks a caper from one of the plates!)
3. Black Olives. Pinapapak.
4. Romaine lettuce. She often gets a leaf from my plate and just nibbles away.
5. Asparagus
6. Chicken Masala. I was worried when we took her to an Indian place for lunch, but she ate the masala with gusto. And stuffed her face with nan.
7. Black Olives. Oh, have I mentioned Black Olives?
8. Manchego and Queso de Bola ("kapatid ng Manchego"). Manchego is her favorite. Woe, we have managed to turn her into a cheese snob. I hear reports that in other homes, she won't touch the Edens of this world. Sigh. Mahal ito.
9. Baby carrots
10. Raw celery
11. Okra. Shoot, not even I like okra.
12. Fondue. Chocolate, of course. (Though she hasn't tried the cheese. Hmmm) She'll teach you how, if you look like you're fumbling. Don't make the mistake of casually asking her what she wants for dinner. Fondue yan. With the correct pronunciation - fon doo!
13. Suman. She can live on budbud kabug.
14. Pesto.

I heard from my sibs that at their place, she was leafing through recipe books. Maybe it was for lack of alternatives, but I'd like to think that she's getting into food. Seriously.

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