Monday, November 13, 2006

Di Mo Na Kailangan Mag-office!!!

Rama's school is a short drive away from home. So is my office. So we usually have lunch together, whether out or at home. After lunch, Rama will always ask, oi, may office ka pa ba?
And always, of course, I will have to go back to work. Many reasons are valid and acceptable - my friends are there... the things I love to do are at the office... (all healthy reasons for working, yes?). Inevitably, one of the reasons has to be, really, to have money. Para may pera tayo.
Cut to.
At home, we have a small box, repository of loose change. All 1 peso coins. (The tens and fives go in a piggy/doggy bank each, but that's another post). So Rama comes to me, holding the box, saying, "Mommy, hindi mo na kailangan mag-work! Ang dami na nating pera!!!"
Wish lang natin, bottomless yan noh!
So, our mini-stop funds come from this box. As she witnesses the slow but steady depletion of funds, the easier it is for her to understand that, indeed, mom's gotta go to work!

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