Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Super-Uneventful Weekend (With Lots of Pictures)

As the title suggests, it was a wala-lang weekend. Holed up on Saturday. This is what cabin fever can do to someone.

Rama rounds up the usual suspects.

On Sunday, after breakfast, we manage to pile on the layers for a walk outside. 

Spotted a tagged swan. This was number 155. 

Didn't go over that bridge. Instead, went under it. This bridge crosses Humber River. This area is where the river meets the lake. And the riverside path (biking, running trail) is an ancient First Nations' trail. We like the metal animal sculptures embedded in the walls - turtles, snakes...

Rama likes picking up rocks along the way. Some of them made it home with us. 
Lunch was take-out pizza from the local trattoria. This was apparently a highlight for Rama, as I read in her journal. She still managed to write enough to fill up a page, even if we really didn't do much. 

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