Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gimme A Break

Sunday night, the last night of Spring Break. Tomorrow, back to school

Rama: I think I have to do homework.
Me: Wala. You were on break. Your teacher won't give you homework over the break.
Rama: Why did we have a break?
Me: Everyone needs a break, every now and then. It's good to rest and not do anything or worry about anything.
Rama: Why don't moms have breaks?

Motherhood, a 24/7 gig. A fact that my little one appreciates. Yes!


Katrina said...

Are you sure Rama's human? She's just too good to be ture! ;-)

P said...

ewan ko ba.... parang may sa-anghel minsan. :-)

shred-jitsu said...

yup mom's really are 24/7. kaya naaawa nako kay pepper coz adriana is super kulit na now. mom's rock!!

P said...

yes, shred, i can see how a kid like adriana can wear anyone down. hehe. hyper much? anyway, take it easy. and the hugs and the sweetness do make it all worthwhile.