Thursday, March 12, 2009


I know it's your 50th, dear Barbie. But, sorry na lang. Rama has issues.

Me: Rama, lapit na birthday ni D (a friend, 9 years old). Ano kaya gift natin?
Rama: What do girls like? Barbies! Except me. I don't play with Barbies. I only play with stuff that can stand up. Barbies can't stand. They just do this (proceeds to demonstrate falling forward). Ya, they just fall. 

I just thought about all the arguments against Barbie, that the dolls set unrealistic standards of beauty for girls. If she were a real woman, with her proportions, Barbie wouldn't be able to stand. Turns out, Rama gets it. 


delunna said...

mahusay talaga si rama ;-) gusto kong kunin sya na tester sa mga usability sessions hehe.

Katrina said...

Yet another reason I think Rama's the coolest kid I know! :-) There's a lot one can say about Rama's observation that Barbie dolls can't stand, with regards to the dolls being a role model for girls. Malaman ang statement niya.

P said...

hi, delunna. too early to let her geek out. hehe.

hi, katu. yes, i will cover basic feminism 101 for her at some point. turns out, i don't need to belabor the points re Barbie Dolls. there's one less item on the agenda. :-)

Tesa Celdran said...

love her! and love you