Sunday, November 2, 2008


On Halloween eve, the kids who lived here at the condo were treated to a special halloween movie screening at the small movie theatre in the building. (It was Scoobie Doo at the Zombie Swamp). Popcorn and juice for all and after the movie, the committee brought out a bin of toys for all to enjoy. But soon it was time to go. So Rama and I decided to invite her new friend, a mexican girl, Gonul, and her mom up to our place.

By themselves, the girls were happy to play side by side. Gonul knew very little English, but at this age, it's not a huge deal. They played with Rama's dollies, toy castles and little pots and pans. Later in the evening, they took over the dining table and played with colors and paints.

As they were doing this, I was subjecting the mom to my horrible Spanish. She was very kind and polite and asked me how I learned. I just explained that FIlipino has a lot of Spanish words, which I started to rattle off: kubiertos, kutchara, tinidor, aparador, lunes, martes...

Rama loudly pipes in from across the room.

Rama: Baño!

So unexpected! It set the 4 of us giggling. I don't know how she knew that baño was indeed Spanish. Either she figured that ñ words were Spanish, or she just got lucky - chamba. Either way, we all had fun with that exchange.

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