Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's On Her Mind

Rama was making a pile of grass in a friend's backyard. Always curious about how she plays pretend, I asked.

Me: What are you making?
Rama: Nothing.

A little later, a playmate started moving things around in her pile. Rama apparently didn't like that - and I got clued in on what she was thinking of:

Rama: Hey! Don't touch my souffle!


Socky said...

Happy birthday, Poch! Celebrate it with a soufflé - Rama will love that,

katrina said...

Sophisticated Rama! How many kids pretend to be making/eating souffle?!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Poch!!! Hope you have a beautiful Monday!

"R..." Coloma said...

It's your birthday?! Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a great one! What are you and Rama doing to celebrate?

P said...

Is that a dare to make souffle, Socky!?!?

Hi, Katu. I know,sobrang shushal.

Hey, R. Don't know yet exactly, what's up tonight. For now, I am at work. Might sneak out earlier, try to make it to a nice little French restaurant? (although the nearest one to our place is Italian...) Bahala na :-)