Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aba 'No! (Uyyy, Haba ng Hair...)

Humbled to make it to the finals for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards, Family and Living. Whodathunk?

Hats off to another finalist D-spot. (OMG, she raised 7 kids!).


Kittymama said...

Congratulations for the nomination! :-) I've only been visitng for a short time but I must say I enjoy coming back. Your posts are witty, and they always leave a smile on my face. Besides, with a blog name like yours, how can anyone not like it?
Have a great Wednesday!

katrina said...

Congratulations, Poch! I hope you win -- wouldn't Rama just love that?! :-D

Hey, is it true you guys will be back for the holidays? Excited to see you! We've all got to get together when you return!

Dexter | said...

Congrats.. for being included in the list

P said...

Hello, KM. Thanks for the kind words. :-)

Katu! Must must must get-together in December. I's still figuring out how to explain to Rama what the blog is really. More kwents later.

Salamat, Dexter. :-)

Sexy Mom said...

hello Poch,

yup, got to meet in December, and yes, you will be with us in spirit on sunday.

as i have said, winners na tayo--malagay lang as finalists. it's how we write from our heart, and share with our Readers a part of our lives that matter. and winning is only a bonus.

super God bless to you, Rama and your hubby.

Leica said...

Congratulations, Poch! Your blog entries are always entertaining an funny :-)