Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My pot of water for the pasta was boiling over. I only noticed because Rama started screaming, "Sumusunog!"

That started our Tagalog lesson for the evening.

Adult: Ano sa Tagalog ang shoulders?
Rama: Balikat!

Adult: Ano sa Tagalog ang thin? (referring to a blanket)
Rama: Manipis!

Adult: Ano sa Tagalog ang sniff?
Rama stumped.
Adult: Suminghot!

Suminghot set us off giggling. These pictures were taken when she just couldn't stop laughing over the word.

Throughout the evening, even when we had moved on to other tasks and were each doing our own thing, she would randomly sneak up on me and whisper, Suminghot!

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