Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Round-up

It was a beautiful Saturday. Rama and I met up with friends in the park for an outdoor concert and after the show had brunch. We then went our separate ways; Rama and I headed over to another park, this time closer to home, where we chanced upon more performances - samba, a medieval play, clowns and other circus acts. After that, more playground time and just running around. We wanted to have cold drinks so we ducked into a nearby mall. We went in for drinks, but left with more than that for Rama - a new pair of summer sandals and a headband. I couldn't find a pair of shoes for myself, and Rama was very sympathetic. "It's ok, Mommy. You have me."
We also heard Tagalog all over the mall and this got Rama excited. "Tagalog! Tagalog! Tell them we're Tagalog, too!" So I find myself chatting up other Filipinos, sheepishly explaining that my daughter was so "sabik." They would comment, "Buti marunong pa siya mag-Tagalog." Rama would simply say, "Opo." And after that, I would find that we would converse in Tagalog, between the two of us. I pointed this out to her: "Natutuwa ako pag nag-ta-tagalog ka! Lalo pag sinasabi mo, Opo."

Rama: Opo! Opo! Opo! Opo! Opo! I want you to be happy.


Katrina said...

That certainly *was* a beautiful day! It's parks like those that I wish we had more of here. Last Sunday, our equivalent (and quite pathetic in comparison) was taking the kids for a stroll around Bonifacio High Street. Almost no greenery, but at least they could run around and play with the sculptures, which is more than they get to do at a regular mall. Like Rama, I got to go home with new shoes. She's right, though: who needs shoes, when you've got an angel? :-)

P said...

Hi, Katrina. It was great. I'm grateful for days like this, which really affirm the move to this neck of the woods. Trade-offs... Her new shoes are fab! fab! fab! I am also looking forward to the new attractions in Manila. Til then!!!

Bambi said...

you're coming to manila soon??? :-) please please get in touch with me if you are! would love to see you! its been AGES. maybe we can have a meet up with the old gang!

P said...

Hey, bambi. Is December soon enough for you? :-)