Saturday, June 21, 2008

Need? Or...

We have this little guy. It's a fun lamp, rechargeable, so we can take it around. We were playing in the closet, scaring ourselves silly.
Me: I like this red one. But we need the blue and the green, too.
Rama: What?
Me: I said, these lamps come in blue and green. We need those.
Rama: No, we don't need those. You just want it.


The Knittymommy said...

Aha! She's getting it Poch!

bexieville said...

wow such wisdom in a young age.

katrina said...

Ang galing niya!

dharmadreams said...

Hi Tesa reco'd your blog to me :)


P said...

Hi, Knitty. Yes, she's picking it up from a number of people. Sometimes nga, to a fault. Like I asked if she wanted to have a drink at the mall, she said, "No, we spent too much money already." That's Ate Mercy's handiwork.

Hey, bexie. I only wish she doesn't lose it!

Hi, Katu. Credit to other peeps in her life, too.

Dharma! Hi! I like your nick. And your profile pic is so dreamy. Thanks for popping in.

Edie said...

Keep up the good work.