Friday, June 27, 2008

Food Styling

"Show this to your friends. Tell them, it's not from a restaurant. Tell them your daughter made it."

It's true. Rama and I brainstormed this arrangement on the bus, planning what snack we would have upon getting home. The previous week, I made a similar arrangement. Nutella on crackers on a plate, with the 5 last blueberries topping the crackers on the outside. The centre cracker was missing a blueberry and Rama called me on it: Dapat yung gitna meron. So today, she brought it up again. And we re-executed. We had enough blueberrries to top all the crackers and she added "celery, so it really looks like a flower."
She ate everything, including most of the celery. (She tried the leaves, too, but didn't like that too much.)


katrina said...

What a meal -- celery with Nutella! ;-)

Could Rama finally be a worthy successor to Lydia Go? I love how proud she is of her handiwork -- I like kids with confidence. :-)

bexieville said...

wow, that looks lovely and yummy.

P said...

Hi, Katu. Yes, she can be a show-off at times. Hehe. And I personally can live on celery with peanut butter.

Hey, bexie. It's nutella - you can't go wrong. :-)