Sunday, October 21, 2007


Today, we went to check out the zombie walk. Rama asked, Are they real zombies? I just said it was all pretend. But when you see them en masse, it's still pretty creepy.

But fun! Before the walk started, there were prizes awarded to the scariest walk, the scariest moan, etc. The scariest of all was a zombie carrying a plate of brains. With a lone candle on top. It was actually made of jello. But you wonder where he got the mold.

I managed to get her to pose with some zombies. Her favorites were the zombie brides. But after a while, she wouldn't pose anymore. She didn't enjoy the parade as much as I thought she would - come to think of it, it's been weeks since she asked for a scary story.


The Knittymommy said...

Sorry Poch, but I probably wouldnt want to pose too after seeing so much dead people.

Although its certainly a pretty cool event. If you're into the horror stuff.

P said...

It was great, knitty mommy. Lead zombie would yell, what do zombies want? And all the zombies would moan, BRAAAAAIIIIINSSS!!!!