Saturday, October 6, 2007


I don't think I've ever met a 5 year-old as involved with hair as Rama. Her favorite toys include a couple of long wigs (one fuschia, one blonde and wavy). She has a systematic, standard, precise way of brushing her hair, short as it may be - brush sides down, brush front down, then the final stroke: one clean brush of the front to the side. Ever since Honey taught her this way to brush, she had never deviated, as far as I know. And she never leaves home without her crown. So she's pretty much all about hair/head. Last night, on the way home in a cab, she noticed the driver's hair (or lack of it).

Rama: Bakit wala siyang buhok sa likod?
Me: 'Pag tumatanda, nakakalbo na talaga.
Rama: Eh ang mga lola?
Me: Ganun din. Nakakalbo din.
Rama: Pa'no pag naging lola na ako?
Me: Ganun din.
Rama: Ayokong makalbo forever!

Disclaimer: Photo taken while hamming it up on the subway. Cab ride came later in the evening. The delivery of the line was quite deadpan, as usual.


Random Possum said...

belated happy birthday ate poch!!!

I just came in from manila...had a fantabulous time!!!

btw, i want to send some pictures of Heart for Rama (guest sya when we did our ASAP ritual). can i have your email addy?

P said...

thanks, random! good to hear you had a blast. email on its way.

cherry said...

lakas ng self-caring ni rama. hahahaha! stay beautiful rama..

take care ate poch.. had tomato and cheese with pesto the other night sa shang. naalala tuloy kita. :-)

P said...

hey, cherry. she has great balance - caring for self and others. good to know you're eating well. take care always. cheers!