Sunday, October 7, 2007


Rama hams it up while we take a walk by the lakeshore.

It's a cloudy Saturday. But, dry, thankfully. We just played around. She wanted to take home interesting rocks. Of course, I dissuaded her. She made like Ariel; we were near a body of water, after all. We went into the neighborhood trattoria for my coffee and her gelato. Then walked a little bit further to the butterfly habitat. Then made our way back home for dinner and more cuddles.


katrina said...

What a nice way to spend a Saturday! And I'm happy to see new Rama photos. :-)

Belated Happy Birthday, Poch! Sorry it's so late; my internet was almost useless for a week.

It turns out that so many of our little group have our birthdays around this time: first it was Socky, then me, you, Rache, Joey, and finally, Nena. I guess we were all holiday babies! That's why we're so much fun! ;-)

P said...

So we're a bunch of virgo-libras. No wonder!!! Thanks for the greeting, and belated greetings to you too. Yes, our Saturdays are fun fun fun. I make it a point to either catch a show (last Saturday, my bday, we watched cirque!) or do something special. But straight chill is good, too, like this one. (Finally got a card reader).

The Knittymommy said...

These are great pictures. I can truly relate to the princess crown/tiara. My daughter used to wear a tutu every single day, to everywhere, for two years. As in, I had to replace it every couple of months because it was too dirty and tattered to wash.

When our son went to the same pre-school she went to, the first thing they asked me was -- Is he the "tutu-girl's" brother?

P said...

tutu-girl! that's hilarious! rama's is a dollar store tiara. She actually has a few lying around - and always a couple for sharing. never leaves home without it. as soon as the bike helmet comes off, the tiara comes on. the other night, the cab driver made a sharp turn and rama took a tumble in the backseat and the crown came off. barely recovered from the fall, she just reached for her head and asked, where's my crown?

Leica said...

Ang cute ni Rama, always the princess :-)

P said...

Hey, Leics! Ever! Kahit sa halloween, broached the idea of going as a witch - didn't fly. Princess talaga. Our weekend project is putting more bling on her princess dress.