Thursday, August 9, 2007

Something About A Man In Uniform?

Over dinner tonight, Rama shared a story on current events.

Rama: Alam mo, may pulis na namatay.

A police officer died in the line of duty last week here in Greater Toronto Area. Grabbed headlines, big funeral, etc. But I little did I know Rama would be up to speed on those things!

Me: Paano mo nalaman?
Rama: Diyaryo!


Me: Nabasa mo?
Rama: No. Mamu.

Her lola on her dad's side, Mamu, recently paid a visit.

Rama: Bakit siya namatay?
Me: Hero siya. Habang hinuhuli niya yung bad people, sinubukan nilang makatakas. Nakasabit yung police sa car. So nakaladkad siya. Patay.

Through all this, Rama was listening in rapt attention. She seemed very concerned. The mood was not light at all.

Rama: Is it real?
Me. Yes.

I looked around the house for a copy of the paper. I remember seeing the paper with the cover story of the burial lying around. On today's page 3, there was his picture, copied above. So I showed it to Rama.

Me: Eto siya o.
Rama: Uy! Gwapo!


Russell said...


Nasa Canada ka na pala. Stumbled into your blog while I was reading different food blog entries.

How are you? Such great stories. Rama is so cute. Sayang, wanted to give her copies sana of my new books. Maybe when you get back from Canada (I heard in 2 years?).

Do keep in touch. I'm starting a blog too very soon. Will let you know when it's up (when I get the time to do it. Nyaaaar!)


Russ Molina

P said...

Hi Russ! We're good, thanks for asking. Hindi ko alam may bago ka pala - papahanap ko diyan. Will track you down, email tayo. Looking forward to your blog - i'm sure masaya.

christine said...

All sadness forgotten when presented with the picture of a handsome man in uniform. :) BTW, thanks for the link to travel junkie, there's tons of great tips there!

P said...

Hi, Christine! Yes, that was a quick turn-around. :-)