Monday, August 13, 2007

From Stardust to Scatology

I was prepping Rama before we saw Stardust. In the movie, a fallen star (Claire Danes) is on the run from an evil witch who wants to eat her heart out - literally. So we were talking about the physical heart.

Me: Close your fist, Rama. Ganyan kalaki ang heart mo sa loob. Tapos, may mga butas yan.
I proceed to hold my fist up, make quick pumping movements and, add my sound effects, puh-pum, puh-pum, puh-pum.

Me: Alam mo ba kung bakit ganyan ang sound?
Rama: Kasi umuutot siya?


katrina said...

BWAHAHAHA!!! You and Rama made me laugh at 2:30am! :-D

So would that be called a heart fart? Or a pusotut? ;-)

P said...

Hello, K! I know, I was also in stitches. :-)

Nice said...

hahaha! umuutot pala ang heart. galing mo, rama! hi, poch!

P said...

Hello, nicely. Thanks for dropping in. :-)

christine said...

hahaahahahahaha! homaygad! Rama you rock! :)

joey said...

Hahaha! I almost fell of the chair! :) Rama, you are the best! Yes, we all fart...even our hearts!

Katrina, "Heart fart"? "Pusotut"? you are truly a creative person ;)

Leica said...

Rama is a hoot!

P said...

Hi, Christine! Such gems, no?

Hi, Joey! Yes, I've heard of brain farts, but this is the first time someone came up with heart fart.

Hey, Leica! Thanks for coming by. I really sometimes wish that she stays this way - crazy and funny, without knowing or intending it.

kurokuroko said...

so kapag kinakabahan ka for a job interview:

"grabe, anlakas ng utot ng puso ko!"

hehe. winner talaga si rama humirit!

P said...

hi, kk! or, pag in-love ka, may kabag puso mo! ;-)