Monday, August 27, 2007

Concern for Angels

Rama: Mommy, pa'no nag-poo-poopoo ang angels, wala namang washroom kay lord?
Me: Hindi natin alam 'yon. Malay mo, may washroom sila.
Rama: Ay, oo nga. Eh, pa'no yung wings nila, mababasa sa toilet?
Me: Na-fo-fold yun. Or yung iba, may sabitan.
Rama: Ahhh, ok.

Ever contemplated angel poo?


Katrina said...

Kids really contemplate the most unusual things; it makes you realize how much we adults take for granted.

Once, my nephew was telling us about the legend of the pineapple that he'd learned in school. When he got to the part where the little girl was turned into a pineapple, he said, "She's not a little girl anymore, she's a pineapple. Kawawa naman, she can't play...she can't go inside the will she make poopoo?" :-)

P said...

Hi, Katrina! At a certain age, these kids are so fascinated with their bodily processes, it's hilarious. We've gone through the pineapple story, too. I don't quite remember Rama's take on that one, though.

joey said...

I guess poop is really a concern for kids...maybe we should be thinking of/listening to our own bodily process more, instead of being so obsessed with LIFE as we adult often are...

P, I must say, along with Rama's amazing questions and takes on things, you also have the most fantastic answers! So you two really deserve each other and make such a fab mom-kid pair :)

P said...

Hi Joey. You're right - we should be really concerned about the basic stuff, no? An old uncle had a basic, wise mantra in life - eat well, shit well, sleep well. That's all there is to it. In many ways, it's true. Thanks, too, for your kind words on my improv skills. :-)