Sunday, May 3, 2009


So Rama turned 7 this weekend. 

By noon, I had already put up the party decor at the apartment. True Love is blowing 4o balloons by yourself (I actually bought 50, but I thought 40 filled up the apartment quite nicely).

Birthday girl dons her dress, which was the same dress she wore last year when she turned 6. And also during Halloween in '08. We're not divas that way; we will repeat outfits. She accessorizes with the crown, naturally, and shell jewelry from Boracay. 
First stop for the party peeps is the theatre in our building. We watched Tales of Desperaux (Rama's choice).

Then the party moved to the pool. 
And finally, we headed back to the apartment for snacks and the blowing of the candles. The girls loved the pizza, pasta and other treats. Piece de resistance was this lovely tiered cake. Rama originally planned to have the faces of all her guests photographed, printed and somehow crafted so the cake was decorated with pictures of guests. We didn't manage that - she got shy and didn't want me to go to her school to take pictures. But the cake had princess figures as sugar cookies and everyone got a princess.
We hosted 8 girls. It became difficult for her to stick to the 7-guests-only rule. Her party was the talk of recess and people were asking to be invited. Her guests also included a couple of grade 2 girls, which surprised me. 
The highlight for me was overhearing this exchange, after the guests saw her room, our place, the spread:

Guest: Rama, you are so lucky.
Rama: Thanks, I know.

Winding down at night, she was still playing with her balloons. It was a very good day. Lucky we are, indeed. 


Nina said...

Happy Birthday, Rama! I'm sure you enjoyed your big day.

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday, Rama! You are both so lucky to have each other. :-)

The Flip Side. . .Or Maybe Not said...

Happy Birthday Rama!

shred-jitsu said...

happy bday rama! we've been so busy lately that were not able to check your blog much anymore :(

please tell rama we miss and love her so much!

Pauline Torralba said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMA! Godbless to both of you.

delunna said...

happy birthday, rama! nice job, poch ;-p

P said...

salamat sa lahat ng greetings. if it were up to rama, her next birthday will be in pilipinas.

"R..." Coloma said...

Belated happy birthday to Rama!! I haven't been on the blogs for a while, so I missed it...