Friday, December 19, 2008

Sampayan, Etc.

Rama and I landed in Manila a couple of nights ago. We are jetlagging bad - it's 9am on a Saturday morning and we have been up since 3am. We went to Mini Stop shortly after waking, to get some stuff for an early (very early) breakfast. What we did - this dead-of-night walk in the neighborhood in chinelas and pambahay - was unheard of in Toronto. And this was not lost on Rama. While we were out:

Rama: Whoa. If this were Canada, we'd be frozen!

Another observation on the drive from the airport. She sees clothes drying on the lines. She's struck by an interesting detail.

Rama: I see many underwear.

As I write this, she is watching Crying Ladies and playing with her paypay picked up from Salcedo Market.

How is our trip going so far? Rama summed it up nicely during our walk last night: It's good at Philippines.


The Flip Side. . .Or Maybe Not said...

Hi Poch and Rama! Happy Holidays to you both! L, Michelle & Sebastian...How's Rama enjoying Manila?

P said...

Hi, flip. thanks and best of the season to you, too. Rama and i are fine fine fine. she's still recovering from jetlag, but enjoying every minute.