Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eden Who?

Rama goes to public school. That means she gets no religious education. So I thought I'd get some religion going. And where else do we begin but from the very beginning - the creation story.

Me: Rama, alam mo yung Eden?
Rama: Yes! Wife ni Panday!

And a little argument ensued whether Eden was a person or a place. It's going to be a long night. Especially when she throws this at me:

Who is god's god?


The Flip Side. . .Or Maybe Not said...

So funny! I had a similar experience with my six year old.

P said...

hi flip. was your similar experience the Eden Question or the God Question?

The Flip Side. . .Or Maybe Not said...

It was the God thing. Or to be exact, a "how did I get in your tummy?" question that led to the God thing...It's an old entry in my blog. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

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