Thursday, October 2, 2008

Burn, Baby, Burn

Of course I burned the croissant again this morning. But I had a very good excuse. Rama wanted more cuddle time. Long after the "ding" of the toaster oven, we were still giggling and snuggling under the blankie.

So I finally heaved myself out of bed (to rush would've been futile), and retrieved the goods from the oven. Not too pleased with myself. But Rama more than makes me feel better.

Me: Awww. I burned it again.
Rama: It's ok, Mommy. You're still my best mommy ever.

Today, they have a book fair at the school. She reminds me to bring money. There are five books on her wishlist. But she said she'd be happy with "just one, maybe two."


Random Possum said...

Rama is so sweet :-)

Ate Poch, Belated Happy Birthday!

P said...

thank you, random. see you soon (wishing lang)