Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, Well, Well

On one of our walks, we noticed a manhole cover. It wasn't on a concrete path, but set apart. So Rama thought it was a well.

Rama: A well! Just like in Coraline!
Me: Yes! A lot of stories have wells. Coraline, Enchanted...

Rama: Also Sadako.

I was surprised and a little concerned that this was top of mind.


Katrina said...

Rama watched "Ring?!" I know many adults who couldn't get over that! I hope that it was at least the cheesy American version; the Japanese one was the first horror movie in a long time that scared me.

P said...

I don't know if she watched the whole movie at her dad's place (must find out). At my place, we only saw youtube trailers. Freaked me out, too. Kids go through a stage where they enjoy scaring themselves, I find.