Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sometimes I worry about Rama's self-confidence. Often, with other people she is quiet and restrained. With other kids, she hardly ever takes the lead. But then again, sometimes, she surprises me with her boldness, even with strangers. She will go up to a random person and dish out a compliment or two. ("I like your hair. And your dress." - this to a young punk-ish woman with green hair and an ironic, goth-ish prom dress on the bus.)

Yesterday, she was learning to bike without training wheels. A friend of mine, a certified bike instructor, was teaching her. Childless, he wasn't too aware of how adult his language was.

G: Rama, you want to get enough momentum.
Rama: I don't know what that means.

That simple statement reassured me of her confidence to admit what she doesn't understand. And this makes her very teachable and open.

In minutes, Rama was balancing on the bike and pedalling away.

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